Jess Baker

Vice President International Development

Tom Hugh-Jones

Creative Director, Natural History

Alison Bennett

Head of Community Outreach

Lucy Bilson

Production Executive

Becky Morrison

Development Producer, Development

Anna de Serville

Talent Manager

Jonathan Jackson

Finance and Commercial Director

Martha Holmes

Head of Natural History

Ged Mansfield

Sizzle Reel Producer

Karen Plumb

Head of Factual Entertainment

Richard Klein

Head of Documentaries UK & International

Andrea Jackson

Managing Director, Magnify Media

Andrew Jackson

President, International Production & Development

Christine Owen

Chief Operating Officer & Co Founder

Amy Joyce

Executive Producer, Factual Entertainment

Tessa Kiernan

Head of Accounts

Grant Mansfield

CEO and Founder

Bill Markham

Series Producer

Steve Nicholls

Series Producer

Kate Beetham

Head of Specialist Factual

Matt Brandon

Series Producer

Lynn Sinclair

Head of Production

Becky Thomas

Executive Assistant

Brooke Fisher

Press & PR

Will Brown

Head of Operations

Becky Wootton

Production Executive

Lisa Gilchrist



James Smith

Head of Live and Plimsoll Wales

Siobhan Logue

Executive Producer

Emma Haskins.

Emma Haskins

Unit Manager

Los Angeles

Saul Goldberg.

Saul Goldberg

Vice President, Production and Development