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Teach My Pet To Do That
From ducks to dogs, cockatoos to cats, our pets can do amazing things. Alexander Armstrong fronts an eight part series for ITV that teaches a cat to ride a dog, a rat to skateboard, and a horse to be a hotel bellhop! Each show sees ordinary family pets being trained in the extra-ordinary – at the nation’s most...
Earth Live
A fast-paced, live, global journey from six continents. Using cutting-edge camera technology, controlled by the biggest stars in nature cinematography and in-studio hosts, the show features wildlife action — as it happens, and on an unprecedented scale. Produced in association with Berman Productions and Bunim Murray.
Rescue Dog To Super Dog USA
Plimsoll's successful UK format comes to the USA. Homeless dogs are about to change the lives of someone in need and get themselves a new home. From panic attacks to autism, the results are life changing as the dogs are trained to help.
Camp Sri Lanka
Home to Asia’s most sensational wildlife, Sri Lanka is monsoon country, with an ecosystem driven by the most powerful storms in the world. This is the real life Jungle Book. Our camera operators will immerse themselves in Sri Lanka’s wild places and follow the action 24/7, focusing on individual animal characters and families, and capturing their lives in unprecedented detail.
Puppy Secrets: The First 6 Months
In a unique, long-term study, we reveal the remarkable abilities of puppies and the incredible speed of their development. The series charts the journey of four different sets of puppies, from hapless newborns that...
Rescue Dog To Super Dog
In the USA, dogs are being used to help people with conditions like PTSD, Tourette’s, Panic Attacks and Autism. The results are life-changing. Now we’re bringing this phenomenon to the UK. Six homeless dogs are about to change the life of someone in need and get themselves a home.
Camp Zambia
A lost lion cub, a leopard turf war and a gang of troublesome teenage lions are some of the stories filmed as part of this ground-breaking natural history project to produce more than 62 hours of programming from Zambia.
Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall
How do some of the most extraordinary animals on the planet survive in the most hostile environments? To find out Davina McCall, one of the nation’s best loved TV personalities takes a leap into the unknown by submitting herself to some of the hottest...
Africa's Hunters, Seasons 1 & 2
The intimate stories of some of Africa’s most iconic animals. A wise old leopard challenged by a young rival; a lion cub struggling to find his place in the pride; and a lowly young hyena who needs to grow up fast. Powerful, personal stories, revealing the amazing adaptations of Africa’s top predators.
Dogs: The Untold Story
From wolves to pampered pooches, this 5 part landmark series reveals how the best friend that sits at your feet became so specialised. We’ll learn how dogs became our closest allies, and see this amazing species in all its glory, living with and without man in all four corners of the planet.
The Big Dry
In one of Africa’s last great wildernesses, the story of how a vast array of colourful species deal with one of Africa's most dramatic seasonal changes from devastating flood to searing dry. This series follows carmine-bee-eaters, hyenas, lions, vultures, crocodiles and insects, charting the challenge of living in...
The Secret Life of the Family
Honest, charming and revealing, The Secret Life of the Family captures the lives of British families 24/7, using reality rigs and personal cameras in homes across the UK. Written and narrated by comedian Hugh Dennis, each 60 minute episode reveals that we’ve all got far more in common than we might think.
The Story of Cats
From tiger to tabby cat, this stunning three part series tells the definitive Story of Cats. We retrace the cats’ epic 11 million year journey – from the jungles of South East Asia to the African savannah and ultimately into our homes.
Wild Survivors
Three films digging deeper into the strategies a variety of wild animals use to survive in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. Africa’s animals display an incredible diversity – countless species have evolved into endless shapes, colours and sizes. Each has its own solutions to day to day problems and each behaves differently in its quest to eat, mate and survive.
Tales From Zambia, Seasons 1 & 2
The Zambia wilderness is home to some of the world’s most charismatic and exotic wildlife, from elephants to eagles, baboons to hippos. This series explores their fascinating behavior, taking viewers on a virtual safari into some of the wildest and most beautiful habitats on Earth
Predators Up Close with Joel Lambert
This landmark series reveals nature’s apex predators as you’ve never seen them before. Using a new, unique and bespoke polycarbonate and aluminium ‘pod’, the Predator team come face to face with the natural world’s most effective killing machines.
Guardians Of The Wild, Seasons 1 & 2
Exploring the world of the people working to protect and learn about some of Zambia’s most iconic species. By following the day-to-day challenges, we discover new insights into wild animals’ behavior. Both...
Pets Who Hate Vets
For thousands of scaredy cats and petrified pups, a routine trip to the vet can turn from basic to bedlam when our pets really hate vets! This pilot documentary looks at the most extreme cases of pet-vet-phobia in Britain.
Untamed Valley
Three films that take a closer look at certain habitats in Luangwa valley and tell the stories of the animal characters that live there. At the Big Bend, a large meander on the Luangwa River, lives a large pod of hippos. Females and young spend their days...
The Holiday Airport
A prime time documentary series about Liverpool John Lennon Airport and the holiday makers who pass through its doors. Check in to Holiday Airport and enjoy the fun, drama and high jinx as families, friends and individuals travel through Liverpool John Lennon Airport and on to their dream holidays.
Deadly Instincts
Do animals feel emotions, like love or grief? What is instinct and what is learned? What drives animals as they struggle to eat, hunt, raise families, and just plain survive? These are just a few of the questions that Deadly Instincts seeks to answer across six one-hour episodes.
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