Indie influencers 2019

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Indie influencers 2019

Broadcast has compiled a list of the creative individuals and duos responsible for generating the most buzz over the past 12 months.

From programming innovation to dynamic deal-making, our top 20 have generated genuine momentum and are playing a crucial role in shaping the sector for the next generation.

In an environment in which audiences are increasingly fickle and with more competition than ever, this in-demand group is consistently winning business and delivering shows that keep them coming back.

Despite spanning scripted and unscripted, SVoD and stripped, one common theme emerges – those highlighted have proved themselves highly adaptable in challenging times.

10. Grant Mansfield

Founder and chief executive, Plimsoll Productions

During his time as head of programmes at Granada TV, Grant Manfield was responsible for the launch of I’m A Celebrity…– and the natural history giant hasn’t strayed too far from his jungle roots, while constructing a sequoia-sized business.

Ironically, his biggest order yet could be Tiny Worlds, a blue-chip series for Apple that has the potential to be distributed directly to 2 billion-plus devices.

It’s another sign that the self-assured Mansfield doesn’t do things by halves – an approach that extends to his deal-making after negotiating an agreement with Lloyds Bank private equity, which valued his five-year-old business at a princely sum of £80m.

With a healthy order book that includes flagship shows for Nat Geo and for the launch of Smithsonian Channel in Brazil, Mansfield is demonstrating that a Bristol postcode is no barrier to global domination.

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