Critical Acclaim for “Hostile Planet”

April, 19 |



‘If you think all nature documentary series are created equal, you’d be dead wrong. Hostile Planet takes wildlife cinematography to another level.’



‘Unlike the nature docuseries of the past that simply used images to illustrate text, Hostile Planet is a distinctive, and sometimes unsettling, glimpse into the way animal behavior has transformed from their perspective.’



‘Hostile Planet, a crackling, adventure-based documentary series.’


TV Worth Watching

‘As breathtaking and suspenseful as any dramatic moment on Game of Thrones or Killing Eve.’


Outside Magazine

‘The natural world (in Hostile Planet) is awe-inspiring, yes, but far from benign; it’s less “mother nature” and more “nature is a motherfucker”.’


Screen Rant

‘Hostile Planet promises to be a cinematic experience that’s unlike anything this realm of television has seen before.’


 Ready Steady Cut

‘Rarely has nature been quite this exciting, this insightful, and this engaging; and perhaps never has it looked quite this good.’

‘This is excellent television, full of energy and drama, and provides such a compelling degree of immersion that the plight of its various animal subjects is consistently riveting without the need for any bells and whistles.’


Multichannel News

‘It’s more visually compelling and graphic than most natural history content.’


Othniel Creator

‘An experience so immersive for the audience, that you will feel like you are living the life a subject animal.’


Hollywood First Look Features

‘Truly what Hostile Planet does so remarkably well through all these harrowing narratives is bring a real connection to the animals.’


Physics Today

‘It’s exciting, beautiful viewing for anyone passionate about the natural world, and viewers anxious about climate change will appreciate that the series puts our changing environment front and center.’


Space Daily

‘Perhaps this film while helping us observe and enjoy the journeys of these amazing and sometimes terrifying creatures we share our planet with, it might also serve to help us save it.’


 Colorado Springs Gazette

‘Tom Hugh-Jones (“Planet Earth II”), draws attention to the most extraordinary — almost supernatural — accounts of animals that have adapted to the cruelest evolutionary curveballs.’



‘Demand for blue chip natural history shows has never been greater and Plimsoll, home to many of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers, is now synonymous with this increasingly popular non-scripted genre. Natural history has the rare power to deliver the kind of cinematic beauty that both entertains and informs: this reflects, perfectly, the Company’s brand which aspires to produce well-funded series of the highest quality.’

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