Tiny World

Tiny World is an immersive, experiential, journey through the wonders of the macro world. Encounter extraordinary animal characters and explore the incredible worlds they inhabit as the world’s leading wildlife film-makers refocus their cameras to immerse you in the wonder of the micro-cosmos. Offering a completely new perspective on the natural world and packed full of drama and spectacle, Tiny World is one of the most innovative wildlife series ever made.

The series explores the ingenuity and resilience of the very smallest animals on the planet. Brand new camera technology allows us to see for the very first time the world through the eyes of the tiniest of creatures. This innovative series pushes the limits of dramatic story-telling within the wildlife genre.  

Packed full of adorably cute animals, bizarre and beastly baddies and David and Goliath style tales, this playful and characterful series celebrates the miniature heroes of the micro-cosmos that have until now gone almost entirely over-looked.