Big Family Mansion

Executive Producer: Grant Mansfield

Showrunner: Karen Plumb

What’s the best way to make a million? For some, it’s buying and selling houses. Since the dawn of the “right to buy” scheme for council houses in 1980, nearly two million houses have been sold to local authority tenants – and some of those tenants have made a fortune.

Owners have seen their fortunes increase many times over as their investments just keep on going up and up in value. Buying their houses was the best investment they ever made.

We meet tenants who bought their homes years ago with special government discounts and are now sitting on a gold mine. We meet Alan who now he is retired is planning on selling up the house he bought 30 years ago from the council for the initial outlay of £1. We meet the nurse who has amassed a million pound property portfolio and the lucky people whose properties have risen tenfold in value in just a few years.

And we also talk to the people who just missed out and who are watching those around them make a fortune.